Mercury Detection
Cryogenic Equipment Inspection

Mercury's corrosive chemical properties represnet a potentially catastrophic risk of failure to crygenic separation equipment and a significant health and safety risk for process equipment operators.

PEI has a highly specialized team to counter this threat and provide consultation, guidance, and analytical services for aluminum heat exchanger performance in potentially mercury contaminated environments. Services include process design analysis, equipment inspection, and risk analysis. The team uses proprietary computational methods to predict mercury deposition in cryogenic equipment.

Extremely low analytical detection levels are required for computational modeling and PEI is capable of measuring mercury in ppt ranges in oil and gas matrices.

Based on the results of the computational modeling, PEI implements an inspection plan using full service capabilities including radiography and borescope inspection. Assimilated data are provided as a detailed risk analysis and inspection report that includes data interpretation, operational risk analysis, and recommendations/conclustions.