Green Environmental

GREEN Environmental is a unique, woman-owned, consulting firm taking advantage of information technology to create a virtual office. Reducing overhead costs to an absolute minimum, both staff and management operate out of their own separate locations. Reduced overhead costs are passed on to the client making their rates easily 20 to 30% lower than standard industry rates for comparable staff qualifications. This unique business model allows them to provide high-quality service, with a quick turn-around time, at a very reasonable cost to our customers. Comprehensive staff experience and qualifications allow them to serve businesses that require general environmental consulting help in diverse areas (e.g., air, hazardous waste, wastewater.) They enjoy the multi-faceted approach because it allows them to understand a facility's environmental issues from various angles. They are thus able to offer the most complete, cost-effective recommendations regarding the environmental issues associated with the capital and operating improvements of growing businesses.

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