Environmental Audits
Environmental Due Diligence, Environmental Audits & SPCC

PEI provides the capability and experience to interpret and assist in compliance with a multitude of Federal and State environmental rules and regulations. PEI provides regulatory assistance in all 50 US states and internationally, including, but not limited to:

  • Performing environmental and due diligence audits and assessments
  • Design and implementation of hazardous waste (e.g., RCRA) management plans
  • RCRA Part B permit development and revisions
  • Multimedia PCB assessments and remediation
  • Development and implementation of Spill Prevention Control and Countermeasures (SPCC) plans
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The USEPA and state regulatory agencies have always been aggressive in enforcing environmental laws on the regulated community. At the same time, these agencies have generally become less doctrinaire and more willing to compromise as the environmental movement has matured. Therefore, settlement negotiations (vs. litigation) have become even more important to the regulated community since history has shown that settlement can normally provide a cost-effective manner of complying with appropriate laws and regulations. PEI has extensive experience in assisting the regulated community with such negotiations and development and implementation of Consent Orders, Agreements, and Decrees. PEI understands the critical nature of litigation support and ensures that senior-level registered staff are assigned to field projects to provide for real-time decision making.