Oil and Gas Permitting
Oil & Gas Field Services

PEI realizes that protecting the environment while producing, transporting, refining and marketing fuel is a challenge the oil and natural gas industry must meet every day. PEI takes pride in helping clients manage these risks to the environment. We help clients obtain all of the required oil and gas permitting and perform their essential services while minimizing risk to the environment. Unfortunately, accidents and human error occur. Being prepared is the key to dealing with spills effectively while minimizing their impact. PEI assumes a leadership role in SPCC (Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures) by minimizing impacts on natural resources, wildlife, and communities by helping our industrial clients plan for the unexpected, and, when an accident occurs, provide superior remedial services to mitigate the environmental impacts.

Representative services include:
  • Site remediation - specializing in surgical digs at active tank batteries.
  • Impacted media removal, transportation and disposal.
  • Emergency and contingency planning (FRP, ICP, OTM and SPCC Plan Preparation).
  • Full regulatory compliance audits for storage, waste haulers, and disposal sites.
  • Hazardous and industrial waste identification, handling, packaging, and disposal.
  • Remediation system design, installation, operation, and maintenance.
  • Rapid spill response contract services.
  • NORM survey and disposal management.
  • NPDES evaluation, application and reporting.
  • Innovative long-term groundwater monitoring services.
  • Wetlands, endangered species, and habitat protection (permitting and mitigation).
  • Onsite treatment cell construction and maintenance.
  • Production facility demolition, upgrades & new construction.
  • Environmental assessments, investigations, audits and due diligence.
  • Development and implementation of recycling and pollution prevention programs, including used oil handling and energy recovery, glycol recycling and scrap metal recovery.