Wastewater Discharge Permitting
Stormwater and Wastewater Discharge Permitting

PEI's staff offers hands-on stormwater, wastewater, and water quality experience developed from projects conducted at various industrial, commercial, and municipal sites. PEI's capabilities include:

  • Local and regional stormwater capture, reclamation, and reuse (including Managed Aquifer Recharge)
  • Design and installation of wastewater treatment and reclamation systems
  • Development and implementation of waste minimization programs
  • Stormwater and wastewater sampling and characterization
  • Stormwater and wastewater discharge permitting
  • Chemical sewer surveys, assessments, and upgrades
  • Industrial process monitoring
  • Federal (NPDES) and state storm water permitting preparation, implementation, and program support
  • Wetlands delineation and mitigation
  • Identification and implementation of Best Management Practices
  • Development and implementation of stormwater pollution and prevention plans (SWPPP)

  • Stormwater Project Summary