Sludge Removal
Waste Management Services

PEI recognizes that in today's environmentally conscious society, proper waste management is essential. We take pride in assisting stakeholders manage potential waste management issues through the intricate web of waste regulations, as well as the hands-on handling, packaging, and removal of hazardous and solid wastes at their facilities. In addition, PEI provides source reduction and waste minimization solutions.

Representative services include:
  • Development of Source Reduction and Waste Minimization Plans
  • Segregation and packaging of lab chemicals
  • Solid and liquid waste stream characterization
  • Profiling to approved disposal or reclamation facility
  • Drum consolidation and disposal
  • Reactive material deactivation
  • Cylinder identification and handling
  • Labeling, handling, and transportation of drums
  • Interstate and intrastate transportation of hazardous wastes to approved disposal facilities
  • Removal of low-level radioisotopes
  • PCB fluid removal, handling, and disposal
  • Sludge removal and disposal
  • Fuels blending and incineration
  • Fluorescent lamps, light ballasts, mercury switches, and batteries disposal
  • Preparation of annual generator reports
  • Facility and TSDF audits